Saturday, August 25, 2012

Chicken v. Coffee

It doesn't seem like it makes a difference, but the recent campaigns for Chick-fil-A and Starbucks show what we can do by putting our money where our mouth is. The current war is between Chick-Fil-A v. Starbucks. Even Belmont Abbey College -- first in the country to speak out against the HHS mandate-- recently dumped Starbucks from their lineup of student offerings.

So, here's my story of putting my money where my mouth is:

I am not the adventurous type when it comes to makeup. My friend Jamie took me for a makeover three years ago. Although the nice ladies at Origins wouldn't believe me that I owned exactly no makeup, they gave me a complete makeover and told me exactly what to wear. I bought it all.

But last Fall, I ran into Origins to pick up some foundation, and a breast-cancer awareness ad caught my eye. It was three nude women embracing. It was a waist-up shot from the back, so technically "nothing" was showing, but it still made me uncomfortable. I told the clerk that it doesn't seem necessary to exploit women to advertise for breast-cancer awareness. The lack of modesty and good taste offended me. She said thanks and put the ad behind the counter. I wrote to the corporate office for Estée Lauder (owner of Origins) to request a more prudent choice of advertisement in the future. I wrote:
To advertise for breast cancer is seen as a universally good cause, however to use explicit nudity between three women is hardly prudent. In a fight for the health of women, must we exploit them? I also pity the three women and the producers and photographers who had to work on such a display. It is not necessary to provide a shock in order to support women suffering from cancer.
Their response:
The intent of the 2011 BCA Campaign, with its bold and inspiring visual, is to raise awareness while emphasizing the collective power of people joining TOGETHER around the world with one voice to spread the all- important message of breast health and that early detection saves lives.
"Bold and inspiring?" If they wanted to be bold and inspiring and express "together"-ness about Breast Cancer, why not show the women's fronts, not their backs? That would be bold. The ad they used, however, was just imprudent.

I'm running out of foundation, and now I need a new makeup company. It has to be organic. I don't want strange chemicals on my face all day long. I have never looked better than when I began wearing Origins. So, it has to be good. I googled "organic makeup," and to my surprise, I realized that Amway's Artistry makeup is organic and their CEO recently gave a big donation to National Organization for Marriage!

Little changes like this scare me because it's so much easier just to buy the same makeup I've always used. But, I believe that this change is necessary. I want to put my money where my mouth is.  Now, I'm going to be an Amway customer! Thanks to Amway for sticking up for traditional marriage.

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