Sunday, August 26, 2012

Democrats coming to Charlotte

Just in time for the Democratic Convention 2012, the Democratic party ousted the possibility of any pro-life candidates for the 2012 race by proclaiming officially that their party is pro-abortion. Also on the agenda is pro-gay  marriage. Contraception, in the party, is seen as a universal right not to be interfered with by religious objection.

The Diocese of Charlotte is responding and reaching out with simple, hard-to-miss messages across the street from the convention location.
These very visible banners are meant to provoke dialogue and encourage evangelization, diocesan officials said, during a time when the national spotlight will shine on Charlotte like never before – and where attention will especially be drawn near St. Peter Church, the oldest Catholic church in the diocese and located in the heart of the convention area.

Thank you Bishop Jugis!

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