Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ruined sex?

Condoms seem to solve the problem of wanting organic sex while preventing pregnancy and disease, but a new website, blew the whistle on that.

Quoting a 2009 article on a federal study on why men won't use condoms which brought a bit of criticism from guys who say it's not mystery why guys don't like it.
"Also, it's an interruption when a couple is in the 'heat of the moment' where you have to change focus to something decidedly unromantic," he said. "[It's] pretty much the same as if the woman, at the same juncture, needs to jump up, run to the bathroom and insert a diaphragm. It breaks the mood.

"Men wear them because they are slightly more desirable than a combination of embarrassing diseases, 20 years of child support payments and death," Shaw said. "And if you took the death part out of the equation, a frightening number of us would probably still roll the dice on it if the lady was willing."
But the shocking part for me is that men's semen actually helps a woman be happier and is also protects against preeclampsia in pregnancy and uterine cancer.

I never thought that semen was good for anything besides making a baby! So I suppose when it says in Scripture, "And the two shall become one flesh," the Lord who created us had some concrete remedies in mind also for the husband and his wife.

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