Tuesday, January 28, 2014

We don't JUST need activism to end abortion... we need action.

There is a prolife T-shirt that reads:
We are the generation that will abolish abortion.
 Yes, I'm a prolife activist and supporter, but this shirt made me sad and a little upset. First of all, the prolife movement has been around for half a century. That's not just one generation, that's many years. To saddle a certain generation that may fit in your sweatshirts as "THE" generation to abolish abortion is foolish and shortsighted.

Secondly, and more importantly, we do not need any more prolife activists!  Yes, young people like to put their passion to a good purpose. Especially through high school and college, teens begin to realize where their interests lie, and they look for good outlets for them. If they find their interest in prolife activities, and when they look around see only sweatshirts with haughty messages like this, they will either become yet another activist... or be totally turned off thinking there is nothing besides activism that is needed to end abortion.


What we need to end abortion is...
  1. Prayer. This is everyone's calling, not just the young, the uber-religious or the activists. Each of us should daily lift up our hearts and minds to God and beg him to bring an end to abortion.
  2. Lawyers and Judges. Laws legalizing abortion were not made by activists. They were made by lawyers and judges. Technically, that doesn't make them laws at all, but rather decisions that struck down other legislation that prohibited abortion.
  3. Physicians and health care professionals. This is where the rubber meets the road. Physicians are able to talk to their patients about the risks of medical "procedures" such as abortion, contraception, sterilization and assisted suicide. Even with pro-life laws, if there are no physicians and health care professionals that respect life, the agenda will be pushed and the evil provided.
  4. Clergy. Like it or not, clergy are powerful. They have sway over their audiences and can use their sway-- along with the explanations that meet human and intellectual, as well as spiritual, needs-- to guide their members to the defense of life. 
  5. Politicians. When legislation such as Obamacare comes up, politicians should have a backbone to defend life, not look only at dollar signs. Prolife politicians are absolutely essential to defeat abortion. What's easier? Convincing your elected official to vote your way? Or being prolife yourself so that you can change the laws. These young people should, like young Congressman Patrick McHenry, aspire to lives serving their country, from the newly conceived to the oldest.
So, rather than sell silly sweatshirts to young people, I believe that prolife groups should focus on providing mentorship programs for young people so their passions are guided to do the most good for the prolife cause.