Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mad you were told why?

My high school alma mater, Charlotte Catholic High School, is embroiled in quite a battle right now: the students have risen up against the administration over a school assembly in which they were explained why the Church teaches what she does about homosexuality.

Yes, the students are mad they were told why the Catholic Church holds these teachings.

Many emails have been going around urging us to write to school and diocesan officials to register our support. Here's the letter I wrote to acting principal, Angela Montague.
Dear Mrs. Montague,

I hope you will remember me; I was in your homeroom the year that Holy Trinity Middle opened. I have since married and am settled back in Charlotte with my husband. While we do not have school-aged children yet, I wanted to write to you to thank you for giving the students at Charlotte Catholic the opportunity two weeks ago to hear Sr. Jane Dominic speak so directly about God's plan for marriage and sexuality.

When I was a CCHS student in the 90s, we would have an annual prolife assembly. One year, it was a girl who had survived an attempted abortion. Another year, it was a college student whose girlfriend had an abortion, and he was helpless to save the life of his son/daughter. These talks had a tremendous impact on my life. While in the classroom, fellow students would mock and belittle the Church's teachings on the sanctity of life, challenging them openly and not listening to the very rational reasons why the Church teaches what she does about life issues, these assemblies made me realize that in the wider world, there were people committed to the prolife message and to spreading it. I went from CCHS to be very active in prolife activities in college, and for 4 years after College worked full-time in prolife activism and education. God has now given me the opportunity to serve the prolife needs of the Church by being the respect life coordinator of my parish.

In the 90s, abortion and contraception were the debated topics; homosexuality rarely came up. We generally understood it to be perverted and disordered. I guess much has happened in 15 years. It breaks my heart that these young Catholics attending CCHS have been so brainwashed by the media that they fail to see how nature is intended: naturally, man and woman are made for one another. I am sure that for as many vocal students upset about the Church's teachings, there are students like me who are relieved to hear such rational and encouraging explanations for the Church's teachings.

Don't give up the good fight, Mrs. Montague. Thank you (and all of the leadership of CCHS) for giving these students the chance to know and understand the Truth. I will continue to pray for them.

Most sincerely,

Mary B. (Worthington '00)

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