Saturday, August 29, 2015

What "Children's Rights" means to me now

I would have never imagined ten years ago when I started this blog where my life would have turned out. When I was single, I would get my kicks from blogging nightly on some topic from women's rights to Church issues. My experiences in the the trenches of the respect-for-life movement spurred on my thoughts.

Yes, I'm still involved with the pro-life, anti-abortion movement through prayer and participation, though I am no longer involved in leadership. But now: I'm a mom.

My perceptions of life have stayed the same, and in many ways they have solidified by my motherhood. For one, a whole new understanding of the meaning of "Children's Rights" has opened up to me. As I write this, I have the memories of the hug of a 14 month old around my neck and arms. I think she's beautiful, and I am honored to be her mother.

It has occurred to me recently what great importance breastfeeding has in the life of a new child. My mother nursed myself and my three siblings. My sister breastfeed her two children. I always knew innately that "breast was best" and that I'd do everything I could to make it a success if/when I became a mom.

Thankfully, we did it. We nursed for 12 and a half months.  When I started breastfeeding and first heard of La Leche League, I laughed. A support group for breastfeeding?! Most unusual!

Thankfully, I staved off the "lactation consultant" during our hospital stay at birth who came in to see if we had trouble. I had heard from friends that these ladies will take Baby's head in one hand and my breast in the other, showing me just how to nurse. I was sickened by that thought, and I'm sure it was Divine Intervention that kept those ladies' hands away from me. But, after that, I thought the last thing I wanted to do was get near women who may want to tell me how to nurse.

As it turns out, I had my ups and downs in breastfeeding, and my mom and sister were there to answer the questions I had.

Last week a dear friend, mom to a six month old whom she's still nursing, convinced me to read La Leche League's The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. My child is already weaned... but I still learned so much for the next one around (please, God, soon!)  They are unabashed in their insistence on the goodness of breastfeeding not only for the infant's nutrition, but for the mother-baby relationship, the mom's health, the longevity of nursing relationships, and more! I was most impressed and hope for the opportunity to put into practice all they said.

While not all moms are able to breastfeed, I guess the long-and-short of is: I hope that all moms and babies are able to spend extended time together in one anothers' arms, loving each other without the din of the world saying they're so much else you could be doing rather than just being in love with baby.

Please! Let's respect, condone, and enable mothers to be mothers!

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