Friday, May 13, 2016

Be inspired or be a purist?

For nearly two years now, I've been reading books and blogs on Maria Montessori and her pedagogy. It is an amazing and wholistic approach to education of the whole child, and I am hooked!

But, I find myself struggling with whether I should be inspired by the Montessori ideals or be a Montessori purist. We are homeschooling, and that means every element of curriculum and materials is up to me to develop and implement! O, the freedom and flexibility... But O, the decisions I must make.

I got to thinking about my struggle when reading about the clever ideas inspired by Montessori on

On the other hand, a comment was left by a Montessori purist who somehow manages to have the perfect, by-the-book Montessori classroom in her home.

Yikes! I am so torn between the two methods. On one hand, being purist is so expensive, as the materials whose cost is meant to be saddled by a school of 30 kids per class with the mote tip of being used by hundreds of kids over the materials' lifetime is shouldered by a school that will graduate 3, 7, or maybe 12 children.

On the other hand, being inspired means allowing myself to incorporate other ideas into the day, and leaving out those that don't necessarily aid my child.

If you have had the same struggle or are currently debating something similar, I'd love your comments! And, really, what do you think Maria Montessori herself would do?

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