Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Another reason not to Amazon

I don't like Amazon. Their prices can sometimes be higher than elsewhere. Their website is hard to navigate. Even with as infrequently as I shop there, I've received several products over the years that are clearly fallen off a truck.

But today, I have a real reason why I am no longer an Amazon customer: this ad.

Not sure what I'm talking about? Take a closer look. That's clearly two females.

Last summer, IKEA did it: started using advertising with same-gender people in bed together. I miss IKEA!  But, there are alternatives, I don't need IKEA. There are also alternatives to Amazon, I don't need them.

There's no getting around it: boycotts work. When Christians stand together against corporate policies that violate our consciences, businesses do feel the consequences.  For example: the boycott of Target several years ago over their bathroom policy... revisited one year later

I know my readership is small... but if you're reading this, please consider joining me in this boycott!